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    3D – The most versatile tool for Macromedia Flash

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    3D – The most versatile tool for Macromedia Flash

    Macromedia Flash Swift 3D is an innovatory extension for Flash MX. Swift 3D instantly converts text and artwork into spectacular 3D animations without leaving the Flash interface.
    Swift 3D combines user friendly interface, industry standard vector exporter and a full ray tracing rendering engine. It can export to both raster and vector file formats as well as Macromedia Flash (SWF), AI, EPS, JPEG, BMP and others. Neophytes as well as veterans in the field of 3D animation can quickly adjust to this newly discovered craze for creators. They can use pre-built animations, lighting schemes and materials to create a high quality 3D animation to their satisfaction.
    The versatility of this tool is brought about by the 13 different styles of the highest quality vector output, vector-based movie clips for smallest file sizes, raster-based movie clips for photo-realistic quality, extensive control over object bevels, sizing and rotation, pre-built materials from the gallery, and a lot more.
    3D Vector Realism turns your graphics into pragmatic models with the use of complex shadows, transparency, advanced highlights and reflections into your 3D vector objects. Photorealistic raster output with vectors, on the other hand, tags your 3D Flash work to another rank by introducing raster graphics. To create a life-like depiction, apply bitmap textures to your vector models. You can use your 3D models not only for Flash but with Photoshop, Fireworks and other graphic programs as well. Your model can also be exported to JPEG or on any format that your graphics program will import to have a 3D canvas to explore.
    Another vital thing about Swift 3D is that it painlessly upgrade path to a full 3D application. Its SmartLayer Technology automatically separates the exported models into different layers for transparency, reflections, color, shadows, and highlights.
    Swift 3D satisfies the creator’s most common 3D needs. In fact, expertise on 3D software is not necessary. It is easy to use and has a wide selection to cater to every creator’s needs. This is about high time for us to create the highest quality output ever available.
    Ever since Swift 3D was released more and more satisfied users are giving their feedbacks. Some are using it to design simple flyers, backgrounds up to the most complicated animations and artworks. The possibilities are endless. Try it to experience the enigmatic difference!
    Once you’ve tried it you’ll most likely agree with me that it is the ultimate tool for publishing your 3D creations.


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