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    Aweber Review – Make Professional Looking Emails

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    Aweber was founded in 1998 according to the company, 120,000 individuals and businesses have used the platform for their email marketing.

    AWeber is an easy-to-use email marketing and marketing automation platform that’s designed to help small businesses and entrepreneurs send targeted and effective emails. Its drag-and-drop editor allows users to create newsletters and automated campaigns based on hundreds of HTML templates. In addition, AWeber lets business marketers integrate their email marketing accounts with various business apps, which allows information sharing among different departments.

    Number of Contacts

    AWeber offers a free plan that includes up to 500 subscribers and 3,000 monthly email sends. AWeber’s paid plan starts at $19 per month, and increases based upon your number of contacts.

    HTML Template system

    AWeber includes over 700 pre-designed email templates which is far more than many of its competitors. These templates are useful starting points when crafting your email, and allows you to create professional emails without design expertise.

    You can stylize your emails with different formats, fonts, and colors. Also, AWeber includes a plain text and HTML editor.

    You can drag and drop various content types into your email templates including:

    1. Images
    2. Videos
    3. Buttons
    4. Text
    5. Products
    6. Coupons
    7. Logos
    8. Signatures

    Limits on emails per month

    There is not a limit on the number of emails you can send daily/month – if you need to send out a message to your list of 10 or your list of 10,000, you can easily do so with your AWeber account.

    We do not bill you based on the number of messages that you send – only on the number of subscribers on your list, so you can send as few or as many messages as you need to without worrying about the cost.

    List Segmenting and Tagging

    A segment is a collection of subscribers that you can create based off of specific search criteria. Segments are a great way to keep track of and reach out to particular groups of subscribers within a list.

    With tags, you can organize your subscribers based on their preferences to send targeted content to them. After the segment is created, you can send a one time Broadcast message to those subscribers.

    You can create complex segments in AWeber using any and all logic. Specific operators included in AWeber’s application are:

    1. Is & is not
    2. Contains & does not contain
    3. Starts & does not start with
    4. Ends with & does not start with
    5. Does not end with
    6. Date is on or before
    7. Date is after or before
    8. Since
    9. Before
    10. Is less than
    11. Is greater than
    12. Is equal to


    Autoresponders are a series of follow up emails that are automatically triggered by either time or user actions.

    Aweber claims to have invented autoresponders back in 1998 — and accordingly, you’d expect their autoresponder functionality to be mind-blowingly good.

    it is very easy to set up follow up emails in Aweber based on time interval — for example, automatically sending subscribers an onboarding email immediately after sign up, a promo code 2 days later and a ‘follow us on social media’ email a week later is extremely easy. This is a typical use of autoresponder in Aweber

    Support or Help System

    Aweber’s customer support is one of the stand-out features of the product.

    Phone support, email support and live chat support is all available on all paid-for plans.

    On top of that, the company has won several Stevie Awards for customer services over the past few years, which augurs pretty well for the quality of the support you’ll receive when you contact them.

    In terms of the availability of support, you can contact Aweber’s phone support team from 8am-8pm ET Monday to Friday, and their email and live/chat support is available 24/7.


    Aweber offers a wide range of integrations with other web apps; around 800 are available.

    These allow you to connect the platform to other key cloud-based solutions — web builders like Wix or WordPress; e-commerce platforms like Shopify; CRM tools like Salesforce; landing page builders like Instapage and so on.

    Newsletter Design

    Aweber provides one of the largest sets of HTML e-newsletter templates available: there are over 700 available. 

    Aweber’s email templates are all ‘responsive’.

    You can also see a preview of the mobile version of your email easily within Aweber — you just click a preview button and toggle a ‘mobile preview’ switch to see how your e-newsletter is likely to look on a smartphone.

    You can use web fonts in e-newsletters sent with Aweber.

    Creating customer satisfaction forms

    AWeber provides a number of different templates for you to use. These templates provide you with the ability to customize your message design. Some templates are made to mimic a specific kind of email that you can send.

    Using the Survey template you can ask your subscribers simple questions, learn how your emails make them feel, and gain understanding of how likely they are to recommend you to their friends and colleagues.

    A/B Testing

    AWeber has an A/B testing tool that you can use to optimize your emails and subject lines. You create multiple versions of your email, and send each version to a portion of your customers. AWeber tracks how each version performs, and you can choose a winning email to send the rest of your testing pool. and AWeber does not automatically send winning emails after a test has concluded.

    Spam compliance rules and setup

    The CAN-SPAM Act is a U.S. law that regulates commercial email.

    According to CAN-SPAM, all email messages must:

    Offer a method for the recipient to opt-out (unsubscribe).

    Contain the sender’s valid physical postal address.

    and those things are covered by Aweber

    Social media and sharing

    You’ve probably seen social media buttons on websites, blogs, and generally all over the internet. These buttons allow you to link to Facebook, Twitter, and any other number of social media websites. If you’re interested in adding social media buttons to the messages you send with AWeber


    Personalization fields allow you to include information specific to individual subscribers in your messages to them.

    Create a more engaging experience for your readers by using personalization in your emails.

    Personalization variables are small snippets of code that allow you to include information specific to individual subscribers in your messages.


    Aweber Pricing


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