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FreshDcart Number Clicker Tally 5-Digit Counter Finger Ring Electronic Light Digital Counting Plastic Machine for Cricket Umpire and Various Counting Purpose (3qty, Multicolour)

Price: ₹699 - ₹269.00
(as of Apr 14, 2024 00:43:50 UTC – Details)

Product Description

tally 12tally 12


FreshDcart Manual Hand Finger Counting Machine.




Rugged Casing ,Bright Display

Easy to read, easy to use, Digit LCD screen display, 5 digit counts 0 to 99999. Thumb push advances the count, Quick reset. comfortable to hands to work.

Large Function Button, Light Weight

Small and compact design, one-hand operation, comfortable to hands to work; Large function button, lightweight, easy to carry.

Perfect For Knitting, Sporting, Crocheting

The counter is made of plastic, durable, nice, and bright, It is an incentive toy for the kids to count various things. Perfect for knitting, sporting, crocheting.






At amusement parks, the rides can only hold a certain number of people, so the operator may use a tally counter to keep track of the number of people who get on the ride.

Tally counters have also been used in religion to count prayers, often replacing traditional prayer beads. Shri Vidya initiates often use them to keep track of the number of repetitions of the Mula Mantra into which they are initiated.

Hand-held tally counters are the least sophisticated of solutions. A person stands clicking the tally counter whenever anyone passes through the entrance. Tally counters were once used in nightclubs and bars to monitor occupancy

Sikhs may use them to keep track of the number of times they chant the Mula Mantar. Buddhists have also been known to use them to count mantras.


Package contain : 3 pcs tally counter
Material : plastic
Colour – Multicolour (Note : Colour Will Send As Per Availability,)
Size : 11 x 2 x 3 cm



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