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    Fuzzy Logic Fiber Optics

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    Fuzzy Logic Fiber Optics

    No matter how high-tech modern equipment can be, or how advance science can make strides; ultimately we are still being ruled with the limiting capability of machine language, the only culling blade that sets harsh boundaries for humanity’s quest to break the light barrier.

    Or so it seems.

    Because now we have again been tapping the gift of Fuzzy Logic, let me explain.

    Machine language, and referring to all languages that exist up to this date, is still being governed strictly by the rules of the binary system, which is the only numerical system able to represent machine language effectively. Like we have the alphabet, the machines talk to each other by these languages. But while ours is derived to a more diverse set of figures and alphabets, this machine language only has two characters, namely the ‘0’ and ‘1’. That is because of the system’s call for simplicity, and the binary language is perfectly suited for such purpose, ‘0’ being the ‘off’ position and the ‘1’ being the ‘on’ position. This is the switch, which is the foundation of all computer languages. So for a series of on and offs, a string of 1 and 0, these codes can mean anything, like turning on the power source, or playing graphics and such.

    Even with that considerable limit, computer language isn’t simple however; from there came up a series of tricks and techniques to expand that capability. Like nested ‘if’s, a computer statement than uses multiple switches nested onto each other to form various paths with multiple functions depending on the use. That is computer logic.

    Fuzzy Logic, however, is evolved to be more human. Like the human logic, who allows different scales of operation, fuzzy logic in programming also allows different sets of instances to happen, even simultaneously. This is something that conventional programming languages can’t perform reliably, being developed more inclined to enhance capabilities within the confines of the on and off statement.

    Fuzzy Logic Fiber Optics: The Next-Gen AI

    Now with the advent of fiber optics, the mass production of optical fiber and the integration of fiber optics to modern technology (thanks to Verizon, whatever detractors might say), it seems we can expect higher about fuzzy logic fiber optics in the next day’s machine. Thinking machines won’t be in an inferior position where ‘yes’ or ‘no’ would be the expected answer. How about robots saying, “you could, but I can’t recommend it” –something like that for a change. Meh, I’ll check further on how Sony’s been working on AI recently.


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