Friday, September 22, 2023

    GrooveFunnel Review – Best LifeTime Bonuses Available

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    GrooveFunnels is one of the newest companies to enter the crowded space of sales funnels, so it’s with great interest that we wanted to check them out.

    Since GrooveDigital launched their new platform Groovefunnels, they’ve already gained over 43,122+ members. This is an ongoing trend of growth for the company that’s been going strong since its inception in 2020.

    They have their products like

    1. GroovePages 
    2. GrooveSell 
    3. GrooveMail
    4. GrooveAffiliate
    5. GrooveMember
    6. GrooveVideo
    7. GrooveCalendar
    8. GrooveKart.


    It is designed to start and grow a business immediately and requires no technical or coding knowledge to get started. The website editor is intuitive and user-friendly and comes with a ton of well-designed templates that you can choose from.

    GroovePages is the flagship tool you get from GrooveFunnels. It allows you to create professional landing pages, websites, and funnels. With GroovePages, you can:

    • Sell unlimited Products with Unlimited Funnels
    • Build a functional brand website with full navigation
    • Design powerful checkout options
    • Boost product sales with 1-Click upsells
    • Offer Upsells, Downsells, and Order Bumps
    • Participate in one of the most powerful affiliate programs


    GrooveSell is the sales and affiliate management platform that makes it easy to sell products and services and at the same time, be an affiliate member. 

    It comes with a streamlined dashboard that allows you to switch between being a vendor and an affiliate marketer, so you can track your performance in both roles. By default, the vendor statistics are displayed.

    With this platform, you can set up your online store, sell digital products, digital services, and online courses. It’s most recommended for:

    • Coaches
    • Passion Project Experts
    • Course creators
    • Thought leaders
    • Consultants
    • Influencers
    • Speakers
    • SaaS and Software Developers
    • Authors


    GrooveMail is a full featured email marketing and CRM system. If you have an online business or a digital marketer – you should be actively building your email list to nurture and build relationships.

    It’s similar to ActiveCampaign and Clickfunnel’s Actionetics email marketing service.

    GrooveMail lets you turn on a host of automations based on your recipients’ behaviors.

    Main Features of GrooveMail is:

    • Import Leads: Bring all your list into your campaign individually or via a .csv file. It’s quick and simple!
    • HTML Emails: Create simple emails or upgrade to a more beautiful full color emails. Simply choose a theme or create from scratch.
    • Robust Analytics: Track open rates, click-through rates, engagement rates, and more. All the important stats you need to craft better emails.


    In just one-click, you can create an affiliate program, set commission rates and attract a sales army! GrooveAffiliate is free and the full edition in your GrooveFunnels account. You can set specific affiliate commission rates for super-affiliates for different pricing options.

    You can create custom affiliate tracking links for promotions and campaigns to promote your own products or GrooveFunnel’s affiliate program.

    Access to their future Marketplaces like ClickBank and JV Zoo so that you can recruit affiliates and get more exposure for your products.

    GrooveFunnels has its own affiliate program that pays a high affiliate commission rate.

    As a free GrooveFunnels member, you’ll earn 20% recurring commission.

    As a paid and upgraded Groovefunnels lifetime member, you’ll earn 40% recurring commission.

    There is also Tier 2 commission available with the Lifetime plan meaning you can earn 10% on the sales your affiliates make. This is not available with the free plan.

    Overall, an attractive offer and one where there is a substantial uplift if you sign up for the Lifetime account as 40% recurring with compounded growth instead of 20% is quite significant. 


    GrooveMember helps course creators to charge for membership sites. You can create different levels of membership and assign them to usernames, which makes it easy to organize and deliver online courses.

    When you create a new membership site, there’s a setup wizard that guides you through 6 steps in creating a membership site. The 6 steps are as follows:

    • Basic info: Course or Membership site details
    • Design: Add instructor details and customize your membership area with your logo and a featured image
    • Builder: The builder is where you add content for your course or membership
    • Comments: Enable or disable comments for each lesson and set approval of comments
    • Access level: Configure your membership access levels or tiers
    • Welcome: Send a default welcome email to your members with their access credentials
    • Finish: step 7 is really to say your membership site setup is complete


    GrooveVideo, as the name suggests, is a video marketing platform that allows you to reach out to your potential audience with visually appealing videos related to your product or service. It is a handy way to gain more audience and to spread the word about your offerings.  

    This tool makes it easy to choose from existing video players and customize them to meet your needs. You can set the opt-in form to appear over the videos, play videos directly from the cloud, and more.

    With the GrooveVideo platform, you have the power of Vimeo or Wistia.  

    • Quickly turn any video into a powerful marketing tool.
    • You can automate the entire process 
    • Optimize your videos for lead generation.
    • And be able to share videos on social media. 


    GrooveCalendar will revolutionize the way we plan and organize events. This can be done by integrating with Google calendars, making this a great replacement for Calendly!

    So that when someone books an appointment, they can be added to an email sequence or workflow. In turn, this can trigger email automation so that you can send ONLY the right emails to them.


    GrooveKart is an e-commerce platform that helps to sell products to customers. 

    GrooveKart is a comprehensive eCommerce platform that allows you to sell your own physical products and setup Print-on-Demand and Dropping-Shipping stores easily.

    It comes with many powerful features to support those who create products or resell them. These features include neat categorization, analytics, reporting, selling variants such as size and color, shipping, built-in support desk, one-page checkout, and customized look and feel.

    Other salient features are:

    • One-click upsell
    • Seamless offers of coupons and discounts
    • Support for different currencies
    • Compliance with FTC GUARDIAN
    • Drag and drop feature
    • Pre-made blocks and templates
    • Integration with social media
    • No coding required
    • Designed for mobile and desktop devices
    • Supports order bumps and pre-transaction upsells


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