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    Hotels in Venice Italy

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    Hotels in Venice Italy

    Venice Italy is probably one of the most romantic places to be in and apart from its historic and artistic structures, there is just something about Venice that can make a person gaze at the city with awe. It may be the small streets with no vehicles, or the canals dominated by gondolas, or the antique houses where modernized structures don’t belong, or maybe just the breathtaking view when you stroll along the waterfront, whatever it is that captures many who visit and keeps them coming back for more, is really something worth experiencing.

    In the fall, especially the months of October and November, the rising water of the lakes due to high tides, causes an overflow on the banks and canals that floods the city’s alleyways, churches, shops, and ground floor of houses. Although Venetians consider this a problem, it is an unusual, thrilling experience for tourists and is a unique event. Seeing the city in a different “flooded” point of view, is something to add to that list of memorable experience, after all seeing the Piazza San Marco flooded by a still lake of water is most certainly an exceptional, magical moment that has been celebrated by famous photographers over the years.

    Choosing your lodging in this amazing place is never a problem as you can pick from one of the hotels in Venice Italy of all classes depending on your needs, or choose from bed and breakfast establishments or room rentals and period houses. Here are some of the great hotels in Venice Italy:

    Hotel ai Tolentini (one star hotel)
    This is one of the one-star hotels in Venice Italy that is very nice and easily reached on foot from the two main arrival places of the city. This hotel is also just five minutes away from the railway station “Venezi S. Lucia”, a minute from the bus station and car parking “Piazzale Roma”.

    Hotel Antica Villa Graziella (two-star hotel)
    This hotel is located in the Venice mainland just seven kilometers from the historical centre of Venice. This hotel has fourteen air-conditioned rooms in a small charming building and is recommended for both tourist and business man looking for a friendly and family atmosphere.

    Hotel Abbazia (three-star hotel)
    This three-star hotel is one of the hotels in Venice Italy that is nestled in the historic centre which is about one hundred meters from the railway station of Santa Lucia and five minutes walking distance from the car terminal of Piazzale Roma.

    Hotel Concordia (four-star hotel)
    This is one of the hotels in Venice Italy that is the only hotel overlooking St. Mark’s Square, with fifty six Venetian antique style guest-rooms with individual climate control and sound proofed.

    Grand Hotel Dei Dogi (five-star hotel)
    This five-star hotel is an old mansion which was also a seat of embassies and is a magnificent hotel, gifted with incomparable view to the lagoon and magical atmosphere.

    Venice is wonderful place to be and completing it with a great place to stay will definitely give you an unforgettable memory of Venice Italy.


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