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What is Audible ?

Audible is the online audiobook chapter of Amazon — the biggest digital marketplace worldwide. Audible is solely focused on audio content, but if you’re familiar with the Amazon store, then you’ll feel immediately at home browsing the store. In fact, you’ll find the website’s clutterless design makes the shopping experience quite simple.

Note: you can’t just choose any Original audiobook. Amazon provides approved choices for free downloading every month.

Existing Prime members are entitled to two audiobook downloads (or credits), plus 2 Audible Originals… rather than one credit for non-members.
After the trial period ends, membership includes access to 1 audiobook download and 2 Audible Originals per month.

You can cancel at any time, no questions asked… similar to Amazon’s general return policy. I’ve always found returns simple with Amazon, be it with Prime products or Video.

Your credit card is only charged if you fail to cancel within the free trial period.

Once you’ve logged in, you are able to browse from a plethora of titles.


Steps to use the Audiobooks :

  • How to search for new audiobooks: There are a few ways that you can find new titles. If you’re on Audible, you can start by either typing the title you want into the search bar or you can navigate to the “Browse” section and segment your search via category. If you’re on Amazon, you can also search audiobook titles and still pay via credit, since Audible links up to your existing Amazon account automatically. Once you complete the purchase on Amazon, it automatically gets added to your existing Audible library.
  • How to add to your cart or wish list: When you find a title on Audible that you’re interested in, but either don’t want to buy yet or don’t have the credits for it, you can add it to your cart or wish list—both of which do not expire—just by hitting the “Add to Cart” or “Add to Wish List” buttons.
  • How to give audiobooks as gifts: You can gift Audible at any time and purchase monthly memberships for other people in increments up to 12 months. Another nifty feature is that you can actually gift book titles, either directly from your own library or by purchasing new ones, and send them to non-Audible members via email or print.
  • How to exchange audiobooks: One of the coolest features of Audible is that you can exchange books at any time. I’m serious—they mean any It’s like L.L.Bean’s old return policy, but for audiobooks. I’ve listened to multiple titles all the way through and then exchanged them after I was finished listening for a brand new credit. You can do this if you’re unhappy with the recording, with the production, with the story itself—you name it, the “reasons” are pretty loose. I’ve noticed that some books I got three years ago aren’t eligible anymore to be returned—ones over the last year still are. Full disclosure: I may or may not have returned a few books just to get extra credits. Judge not lest ye be judged.

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Audible Review

  1. The Audible library features over 425,000 titles and audio versions of books. Given it is an offshoot of Amazon, we only expect that number to grow. Audible tops the ranks as one of the densest audiobook libraries on the market.
  2. The library consists of 26 book categories with new releases and audiobook titles spread evenly throughout. You can browse by category, lists & collections, or featured material. This includes a selection of titles that are compatible with the Amazon-exclusive service Whispersync. Almost every book that has an audiobook version is in the library including best sellers and many Audible originals
  3. Members also gain access to an extensive collection of audio shows. These are free with a monthly membership. They include genre-diverse Audible originals, such as Audicted, Sincerely X, and Real Crime.
  4. The Audible membership also includes audio version of news via the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and additional publications for your listening pleasure. What’s more, there is a steady stream of celebrity performances and live comedy to keep you entertained. While the non-audiobook content could serve to be expanded, it’s an excellent bonus feature you don’t see.

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Some FAQ's

The best part, Audible’s hassle-free return policy is good. They have a great listen guarantee, which means you can literally exchange an unwanted audiobook or Audible originals at any time. Just go to “Account Details”, select “Purchase History”, locate the order you wish to return, and hit the orange “Return this Title” button.

This is an Amazon-based digital service. As such, they offer 24/7 phone, email, and live chat support. The cancellation process is straight forward. I found that, regardless of the platform, the customer service agents responded quickly and aimed to please. I also found the “Popular Questions” page to be extremely informative. Whether you’re looking to cancel your membership or exchange an unwanted audiobook, Amazon aims to provide you with quick and pleasing answers to all of your questions.

Yes — Audible has a 30-day free trial. You’ll receive one free intro audiobook, and you can choose any title you like.

Pros and Cons of Audible


  • Biggest catalogue of titles on the market
  • Forever keep your audiobooks
  • Integration into Kindle devices
  • Listen anytime, anywhere you go


  • Limited integration with Amazon Prime
  • Credit system is restrictive to big consumers
  • Full retail price often higher than other stores
  • Can’t buy audiobooks directly through the app