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    Mailerlite Review – Drag & Drop Editor Makes It Super Easy

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    MailerLite is an email marketing directed towards small businesses, giving them a robust and powerful platform that is easy to use and easily complements existing content marketing platforms and strategies. This simple and straightforward application comes with all features professional email marketers look for in email marketing software.

    It boasts a very intuitive interface along with a drag and drop editor that makes designing professional-looking email newsletters a breeze. Just pick the features you like and then upload your content. The software also comes with an exclusive HMTL editor that lets you create HTML email whenever you want to. As well, you’ll be able to edit in Rich Text. You can also build your own web forms, including pop-ups, landing pages, subscribe buttons, and embedded forms.

    Number of contacts

    In MailerLite, all of your current subscribers are referred to as Unique active subscribers, which are all the subscribers that you see on your main list. However, they don’t count the total amount of subscribers you have on your list towards your plan’s monthly limit. 

    Instead, they count the number of Unique subscribers used: those you’ve sent at least one email to in the past 30 days. This number is updated every day and accounts for your plan’s 30-day limit.

    Keep in mind that deleted, bounced or unsubscribed subscribers remain in your Unique subscribers used number until 30 days after they have been deactivated. 

    Template system

    Mailerlite allows users to edit text and themes on email templates and it will provide mobile-responsive email templates. Mailerlite Offer pre-made email templates that allow users to create their own email templates and there will be use drag-and-drop HTML editing to create email templates

    Note that templates aren’t included in the free plan, though you’ll have a huge range of interactive content blocks to choose from, including discount vouchers, carousels and videos.

    Limits on emails per month

    In Mailerlite there will be two plans 1. Free Plan and 2. Premium Plan. In the Free plan there you can send 12000 emails per month but in the premium plan you can send unlimited emails.

    List Segmenting and Tagging

    List Segmenting and Tagging

    Segmentation divides your subscribers into smaller audiences based on a set of characteristics that will help you deliver more targeted emails. Segment by location, age, behavior or whatever is most relevant to you

    You can filter subscribers based on how active or inactive they are with your emails. Segmenting by engagement allows you to send nurturing emails to loyal readers and re-engagement emails to inactive subscribers.

    You can segment subscribers based on where they signed up by using the hidden segmentation feature in our forms, pop-ups and landing pages. When you know where your subscribers came from, such as your blog or webinar, you can deliver more targeted content based on those channels.


    Interest groups (also called tags) allow you to target specific audiences by adding custom labels to subscribers. Create interest groups based on their behaviors or interests (e.g. traveler, kitesurfer, designer, etc.).

    Link triggers enable you to tag subscribers to an interest group based on behavior. When you create an action for subscribers who clicked on a specific link, MailerLite automatically copies them to a new or existing interest group. It’s now super easy to target based on subscriber preferences!


    Automated emails guide your customers during every step of their journey—from the moment they get to know you until the conversion and beyond. Set up your workflow once to reach the right customers at exactly the right time.

    As a free email autoresponder, MailerLite is hard to beat for any small business. You get a free website with five landing pages, a drag-and-drop visual email editor, and advanced segmentation features.

    Support or Help System

    Their support team works around the clock to assist you whenever you have a question or problem. Just shoot them an email or, when you have a premium plan, chat with them on live chat.


    Mailerlite provides integration such as WordPress, Zapier, Shopify, PayPal, WooCommerce, SquareSpace, SumoMe, Facebook, and many others that will ease email marketing experience and allow businesses to quickly grow their email list.


    Mailerlite provide drag-and-drop editor to create and design stunning newsletters, emails, and landing pages easily and quickly. Emails and newsletters created and delivered with MailerLite are optimized for mobile devices.

    Creating customer satisfaction forms

    MailerLite provides an opportunity to create embedded forms, which can be added to your website or blog to collect signups. You can also convert your website visitors into subscribers and customers using our Pop-ups. In addition, you can also create high-performance landing pages by using our powerful Landing Page builder.

    All subscribers who sign up for your newsletter will appear in your subscribers’ list in the MailerLite account and you’ll be able to send newsletters to them.

    In order to create any type of the form you have to choose Forms from the top menu. Once you click on the Forms section, you will see separate tabs for Pop-ups, Landing Pages and Embedded Forms.

    A/B testing

    An A/B split campaign allows you send 2 similar emails to two small parts of your group. Then, the most popular one will automatically be sent to the remaining part of the group.

    There are two ways to create an A/B split test campaign.

    When in the Campaigns area, you can use the quick link from the Create campaign dropdown. Or, you can click Create campaign and choose A/B split campaign from the menu above.

    Social media and sharing

    MailerLite has dedicated social media blocks within its drag and drop editor. You can create a social media newsletter from:

    1. LinkedIn
    2. Twitter
    3. Facebook (along with events as well)
    4. Instagram

    Once you’ve created a new campaign and are in the editor’s view, look for the social media content block. Drag the block to your preferred place in the newsletter. Next, you can add the URL of the post you’d like to embed (as long as it’s a public one). Their software will automatically display the content in your newsletter.


    MailerLite automatically collects the subscriber data captured from your signup forms, such as their name and email. You can then insert that data directly into your messages to make it personal.

    Instead of sending out an email with a generic salutation like “Hi there,” you can simply write “Hi {$name}” and every email will be populated with the actual person’s name (as long as you have the subscribers’ names in your custom fields).


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