Thursday, March 23, 2023

    QishioBits Review – How to get FREE Buyer Traffic?

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    QishioBits Review – Introduction

    QushioBits is an untapped Whatsapp Marketing tools which gives your subscribers everything they need for their online marketing journey, saving them tons of money and start making real hard cash super fast.

    QishioBits Review – Overview


    Kenny Tan



    Launch Date:


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    10:00 EDT

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    Highly Recommend

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    30 Days Money Back Guarantee



    QishioBits Review – What is QishioBits?

    QushioBits helps its users to search for the most profitable offer in Warriorplus automatically. And, this app not only will help you find the best affiliate offers, but it will also help you earn in a way that EVERYONE seems to be forgetting about. But, it does it super fast.

    This app is Kenny Tans’ latest blockbuster that is making the servers at Warrior Plus shake in terror as people pick up this epic app that makes WhatsApp spit out money all day, every day.

    • Automatically search for most profitable offer in W+
    • Come with 30 ready made Video template, images and background music where they can easily edit – 100 more for upgrade version
    • Upload and Store Unlimited Whatsapp numbers
    • Compose, send, schedule messages with impressive stat display
    • Social sharing
    • Autobot – Automation upgrade
    • Cloud Storage

    QishioBits Review – Features and Benefits

    1. One click Autoplay : Chrome and Safari block videos that autoplay with sound which will lead to a decline in views, clicks and sales. With QushioBits your videos will autoplay muted. One tap anywhere on the video will unmute it and make it play from the beginning.
    2. Advanced video retargeting : QushioBits is fully integrated with Facebook’s pixel giving you the ability to build highly targeted audiences. You will be able to build audiences based on video view time and retarget only your most engaged viewers.
    3. In-Video Engagement : Add clickable calls to action, social share buttons and captions to better engage your audience. You can even let your prospects call your business right from within the video.
    4. Custom thumbnails : Setting custom thumbnails in QushioBits is easy. Just upload from your local drive – including animated GIFs that grab attention and help drive more views.
    5. A/B split testing : QushioBits’s A/B testing feature enables you to test any two videos and see exactly which one drives the most viewer engagement.
    6. No youtube branding : Nothing screams amateur like a YouTube branded video on your website. With QushioBits there’s nothing to worry about because you’ll have no branding on your player and you won’t have any related videos when users pause the video.
    7. No Limitations : Compared to other tools QushioBits has truly no limitations. This means:
    • no video views limit
    • no bandwidth limit
    • no expensive upgrades

    QishioBits Review – How does it work?

    • Step 1: SIGN UP– Just sign up for instant access to the revolutionary app dashboard of QishioBits.
    • Step 2: LOGIN– Then, login to the web-based software on any device from anywhere with just an internet connection.
    • Step 3: CLICK SHARE– Finally, click on “Share” button to send free traffic to your website in just seconds.

    Step by Step guide to use Dashboard

    1. Login to Your Dashboard

    The dashboard consists of several sections. They include messages, storage space, team, scheduled messages, and RSS messages. As a result, you can keep track of your marketing progress and gauge if you are hitting your goals.

    2. Get Your Links

    On the left sidebar, you can choose between Warriorplus and JVZoo deals. For example, if you choose JVZoo deals, you’ll go through the available deals and select the one you want to promote.

    Click the “Grab Deal” button and you’ll be redirected to a page where you can apply for the affiliate information.

    3. Create Your Offer

    QishioBits provides you a fully functional image editing tool. Therefore, you can create ads populated with images, videos, audio, and more.

    You can even change the font family, size, weight, allowing you to create a unique offer. If you are not well-versed in design, take advantage of the many elements available.

    4. Enter WhatsApp Numbers

    You need to add the WhatsApp numbers of your customers. Make sure you have their consent. You can add unlimited contacts. You should however omit the “+” sign when entering the country code.

    5. Create Your Message

    QishioBits allows you to preview the message so you can make necessary adjustments before sending it.

    Besides, you can schedule them for a later date. Other features include access to a detailed insights dashboard, history, and the ability to create RSS feeds.

    QishioBits Review – The OTO Details

    Qishio OTO 1 – Unlimited ($27- $37)

    Qishio OTO 2 – Automation ($47 – $67)

    Qishio OTO 3 – DFY ($97 – $197)

    Qishio OTO 4 – Reseller ($47 – $67)

    Qishio OTO 5 – Steal Our Website Traffic ($97 – $197)

    Qishio OTO 6 – DFY Traffic ($397)

    Pros and Cons


    • Revolutionary software
    • Drives free buyers traffic in seconds with 1 click
    • Cloud based – so you can use on any device
    • Taps into new ‘unsaturated’ 2 billion+ traffic source
    • Provides life changing opportunities
    • 100% beginner friendly
    • No additional costs
    • 30 days money back guarantee


    No complaint about this product


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