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SaleOn Water Resistant Travel Organizer for Cables, Electronics Accessories Bag, Portable Storage Organizer Bag for Earphone, USB Cable, Power Bank, Cable Organizer Bag for Accessories, Navy Blue

Price: ₹899 - ₹379.00
(as of Apr 15, 2024 04:34:36 UTC – Details)

Experience hassle-free travel with SaleOn’s Water Resistant Travel Organizer in Navy Blue. This compact and versatile bag keeps your cables, electronic accessories, earphones, USB cables, and power bank neatly organized and protected. With its water-resistant feature, it ensures the safety of your gadgets during your journeys. Upgrade your travel essentials with this must-have tech pouch, offering convenience and style in one sleek package.
【 PORTABLE STORAGE BAG 】- The SaleOn Portable Storage Organizer Bag offers a compact and travel-friendly solution for individuals seeking a reliable method to keep their electronic essentials organized and easily accessible.
【 WATER-RESISTANT MATERIAL 】- Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the bag boasts a navy blue water-resistant exterior. This feature not only adds a touch of style but also provides an added layer of protection, safeguarding your valuable gadgets from unexpected spills or light rain.
【 CABLE POCKETS 】- The organizer bag addresses this common woe with 4 elastic bands designed for efficient cable management. These bands securely hold your cables in place, ensuring a tangle-free experience during transport.
【 VERSATILE MESH POCKETS 】- Equipped with 8 mesh pockets in various sizes, the organizer bag presents a versatile storage solution for a wide array of electronic accessories. From earphones to USB cables, power banks, and more, each item finds its dedicated space, facilitating easy organization.
【 SECURE ZIPPER CLOSURE 】- The bag features a robust zipper closure, providing a secure enclosure for your gadgets. Whether you’re commuting or traveling, this zipper ensures that your electronic essentials stay safely tucked away.
【 HANDY MESH POCKET 】- Enhancing user convenience, the inclusion of a mesh pocket allows quick access to smaller items without fully opening the bag. It’s a thoughtful addition that caters to the practicality of daily gadget use.
【 ELASTIC BANDS FOR ACCESSORIES 】- Not all accessories are created equal in size. Recognizing this, the organizer bag incorporates 4 large-sized elastic bands, accommodating bulkier items such as chargers and adapters with ease.
【 DUAL-LAYERED COMPARTMENTS 】- Maximizing storage efficiency, the bag adopts a dual-layered design. This organizational feature ensures that your accessories have designated spaces, preventing clutter and simplifying the process of locating specific items.
【 COMPACT DIMENSIONS 】- Measuring a convenient 9 inches in length, 6.5 inches in height, and 2.5 inches in width, the organizer bag strikes an ideal balance between portability and storage capacity. It’s designed to accompany you seamlessly on your daily adventures.
【 PERFECT TRAVEL BAG 】- Tailored for on-the-go lifestyles, this organizer bag is the perfect companion for travellers and daily commuters alike. Its design ensures that your electronic essentials are readily accessible, adding a layer of convenience to your tech-savvy lifestyle.



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