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    Switzerland Food

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    Switzerland Food

    Variety is the spice of life, and you will never find a more apt place that embodies that statement than Switzerland. Drawing the best from its neighbors – no less than three! Italy, France and Germany – Switzerland food offers something for every palate.

    There is no “official” Switzerland food. Instead, the Swiss cuisine mirrors the diversity of this stunningly beautiful country in the Alps. Switzerland food is a fusion of local history and customs, at the same time brimming with many ingenuous Swiss specialties.

    Virtually every region has its own specialty, each with distinct tastes to separate itself from all the rest. In fact, every region would insist that only their cooks can prepare their specialties properly and give them that elusive something in the tongue that would leave your mouth watering. However, it is not unusual to find another region’s treat being served with flair and success in a region different from where it has its origins.

    As diverse as Switzerland food is, you will also find some commonalities. The universal rule for Switzerland food is that one should only use top ingredients. After all, the Swiss are fussy patrons and lovers of good food. So whether it is a renowned restaurant or a simple country fare, Switzerland food remains a treat.

    Common Dishes

    Every town in Switzerland is never far away from a lake. It is virtually impossible not to find a lake or some other large body of water within ten miles of any town, village, or city. As such, among the most common Switzerland foods are freshwater fish dishes, such as the famous filet de perche, which is one of the almost daily treats served in the Lake Geneva region.

    Other superb specialties are sausages. The Swiss love their sausages and they have several varieties: Schublig, Emmentalerli, Wienerli, Saucisson, and Bratwurst. Salamis are another Switzerland food that are a favorite among the Swiss. Different regions produce different kinds and feature them often as snacks or appetizers. A famous dish that highlight sausage and cheese is the Wurstsalat.

    Switzerland food may also contain mushrooms, the local kind that exudes a delicate perfume from hundreds of kitchen during the season. Mushroom croutes and risotto ai funghi are among the dishes that highlight mushrooms.

    For the main course, pies and tarts are popular options. Featuring fillings of cheese, meat, bacon and vegetables, this is another Switzerland food that exhibits variety in one package. However, for the best known specialties in Switzerland, Fondue carries the honor of that title. The dish is basically a gently bubbling pot of cheese. Couple this with pieces of crusty bread which you can dip into the cheese, Fondue makes a very festive Swiss meal you can enjoy with friends.


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