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    The Chicago Film Festival

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    The Chicago Film Festival

    Summary: The Chicago Film Festival is North America’s oldest and most competitive international film festival

    July 17, 2006 should be a day Steven Spielberg will be remembered forever. Having attained the Lifetime Achievement Award for his countless masterpieces in the 42nd annual Summer Gala Chicago Film Festival is every filmmaker’s life’s dream come true. No wonder, with recent blockbusters like War of the Worlds and recent acclaims like AI and Schindler’s List, Steven Spielberg should be rightfully awarded so.

    We all have heard of Steven Spielberg, the visionary and innovator. But do you know about those film industries that paved the way for legendary filmmakers like Spielberg to walk upon? They are the true makers of the red carpet. Read on as we rise the curtains that have shrouded these prestigious industries for years.

    Cinema/Chicago may be North America’s oldest competitive international film festival, but beyond doubt it is the organization behind the event known worldwide as the Chicago Film Festival. The event was born on 1964 when the award winning filmmaker and graphic designer Michael Kutza proposed a way to discover and present new filmmakers to Chicago and recognize them and their works of artistry in the event. The Chicago Film Festival was given birth in the Carnegie Theater on 1965 where prominent directors like King Vidor and Stanley Kramer were honored.

    Later years would realize The Chicago Film Festival’s continued tradition of celebrating cinema excellence every year. And because of that, this event made it possible for top-notch talents to ripen from the bleakness that has once clouded cinematography. And just naming a few, personalities such as John Carpenter (of Aliens and StarWars fame), Martin Scorsese (of Goodfellas and Casino fame) and Peter Greenway (the 2005 Amsterdam VJ Performance) are emergent of this annual Chicago event.

    Many have stated that what made the Chicago Film Festival a highly feasible event is the presence of the International Feature Film Jury body and the Chicago Film Festival prided itself of it. The system’s jury features renowned film industry professionals including critics, directors and actual talents, which will definitely make every judgment factual and accurate.

    On these events, filmgoers have a rare chance to interact with the makers and actors of the Film Fest Contestants during screenings. This would allow the media and supporters to get close up to the ideas of the producer and the director which could enhance movie experience.

    Celebrating the paramount of filming made by promising directors, actors, and scriptwriters, the Chicago Film Festival truly paved way for the continuing journey to excellence of films. And it is almost a guarantee, that as every event takes place a new promising director will appear with loads of masterful ideas that can further the dreams of Chicago Film Festival and cinematography.


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