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    The Most Powerful Source Of Information – Spirituality Information

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    The Most Powerful Source Of Information – Spirituality Information

    ” You are sweet but very stubborn” my close friend told me ten years back. I was not ready to accept the fact that i was stubborn. Over the years many other people pointed that out to me. They told me “Vish, you say the right things but you hurt people. You have to change your attitude…” I experimented with various ways of changing my attitude but all of them failed. It seemed as if stubbornness was deep rooted in me….After a while i stopped thinking about it as It did not bother me as much as it hurted others … However, one day I read something which completely revolutionized my thought process…

    I don’t recall the name of the book I read but these were the first few lines written inside the book which I had noted down:

    “The first piece of paper as we know it was produced from rags in AD 105 by Ts’ai Luin, who was part of the Eastern Han Court of the Chinese Emperor Ho Ti. Paper is made from cellulose fibre, the source of which can be pulped wood, or a variety of other materials such as rags, cotton, grasses, sugar cane, straw, waste paper, or even elephant dung …. ” As I read these sentences it hit me like a rock inside……

    ” How can rags,waste or elephant dung produce the paper which is used in many books,magazines and newspapers serving as a means of education, a source of information and inspiration to millions of people worldwide ? I could’nt accept the fact that beautiful words could be written on a paper which was made of waste, or elephant dung? How can this ever happen? What makes all this these things work? If technology can achieve such massive transformation or recycling with waste , why cannot I do the same thing with my stubbornness and with every other quality within me which I considered a waste?…..

    As i pondered about all these at length I could see that it was not the technology which was the main factor in the conversion of waste to paper. It was the genuine intention, a brilliant idea, a deep desire to convert even the waste to gold. The question that Ts’ai Luin asked himself was ” How can I convert this waste,rags into something meaningful,something more purposeful ……”

    It was the quality of his questions which was driven by his honest intentions which set in motion a force which was so powerful that it allowed him to tap into various sources of information not accessible to the ordinary person and gave him all these brilliant ideas .The questions that you ask yourself can make a huge difference to the answers and results you get.The questions infact on most of the occasions reveal your real intention. Ask a better question and you will get a better answer …..

    I asked myself. ….” How can i convert my stubbornness so that it gives me more power and at the same time it does not hurt anyone?” Over the next few months i kept refining my questions and waited for better answers and ideas to come. Slowly a soft voice spoke from within ” Redirect your stubborness to your highest dreams. Be stubborn about your dreams and nothing else….”

    I was stubborn about small things and small events and that is the reason it hurted others. The moment i became stubborn only about my dreams which was to realise the force of God every moment and to help others realise this same force in them, things slowly started to turn around for me….

    Just like the technology which converted the rags into paper i built a system within me where i channeled all my waste to enter into a more powerful area within me . I allowed my waste to participate in my dreams and form a vital part in the success of my dreams. I did not allow my waste to spill over small things and small events. It took me some time, but i built a robust system inside me where i could at will redirect all my anger,pain,stubbornness,weakness to something more powerful and strong…

    The weakness did not disappear from my body and mind,I only redirected it to something better,something more powerful. It is important that you understand this.All You need to get started is ask a better question…

    Weakness and bad traits get exposed only when you swim in shallow waters. When you swim in the ocean of your dreams they change colours to merge into divinity. There is nothing wrong with your character the only problem was you did not redirect the lower ones to your highest dreams…

    Experience Awesome power and convert all your weakness to massive strengths by practising the ” The Seven Powerful Secrets ….


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